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The service was good with Jebfull.com, I apply with Jebfull.com website which was easy to use. It was been past 2 to 3 months I came to know about the service of Jebfull.com but this was my first experience with Jebfull.com.

Capt. AK Purohit
Posted on: Feb 4 , 2018
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The customer support service is excellent with the Jebfull. I know Jebfull for past 2 months. I came to know about it through a referral, I have used the Jebfull website which is easy to use.

Neeta Yadav
Posted on: Feb 10 , 2018
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The response part is professional with the Jebfull team. I use the Jebfull website while applying for the personal loan which is easy to use and customer friendly. The customer support was prompt with the Jebfull.

Harvinder Singh
Posted on: Feb 24 , 2018

HSBC is a very good bank that provides products but the services are little slow. I had applied for my loan scheme 15 days back. My loan got approved instantly but I haven’t received my disbursal amount yet.

Posted on: march 15 , 2018

I wanted to travel abroad with my parents before my 30th birthday. I applied for an Axis personal loan and it got instant approval and I received my disbursal amount within a few days.

Shipra Mehra
Posted on: march 24 , 2018

The bank has very impressive interest rates. I booked FD for my father under senior citizens scheme and the bank offered 8.1% interest rate on my 2 year deposit. It is the highest interest rate offered by any bank.

Sudeep Pratap
Posted on: march 26 , 2018

The services by Citi Bank are very good and the bank has a very smooth process of application. I applied for my personal loan scheme and with minimum documentation it got approved at a very low interest rate. My experience was very good.

Nirmani Singh
Posted on: april 11 , 2018

I am happy with the features and benefits of my HSBC home loan scheme. My loan application got approved very easily but I received my disbursal amount after 20days. The interest rate on my home loan scheme is 9.15% p.a only.

Anant Bhosale
Posted on: april 19 , 2018

This is a very good bank for personal loan. I got my loan approved at 11.49% p.a only. The bank personnels are very professional and well trained. I got my documents approved without any problem. Very happy with their services and my loan scheme!

Jyoti Shah
Posted on: april 20 , 2018

love the service

Posted on: 20-04-2018

experience was very good

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