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About us

Who are we?

We are Jebfull.com–India’s one of the fastest growing Fintech Startup. We deal in all types of financial products like every kind of Loans (Secured & Unsecured), Insurances (LI & General), Credit Cards etc.Our management team consists of young entrepreneurs having vast experience in Banking and Financial sectors. These professionals are having a rich experience at senior levels with organizations of high repute like Deutsche Bank, IndusInd, Indiabulls, GE Capital, American Express, HSBC Bank and Standard Chartered to name a few. Our aim is to make personal finance decisions easy, convenient and transparent. “Click for Personal Loan”. Yes, that easy!

What We Do?

In this age of digitization, everyone seeks the best experience to shop financial products without wasting any time in commuting or standing in long ques.Millenials want everything insta! We at JebFull.com facilitate our customners with just that, helping them to choose the best product with least efforts and costs.
Omendar Singh, Head of Vehicle Finance Business Unit rightly puts, "Given the fact that 90% of Indians access internet through mobile handsets, we made applying for a Credit Card or any Loan more easier than ordering a pizza online. That is in line with our millenial customer centric focus to delight them every single time they visit us”.
Icing on the cake is that we provide door step services without charging a fee and count the cheries now-
- Lowest rate of interest available
- Least possible processing fees
- No hidden cost
With its Head Office in Mumbai and satellite offices in New Delhi and Jaipur the company is aggressively expanding its operations pan India. We are in advance stage of discussion rounds for raising funds to roll out our aggressive plans. All our employees and support staff are hand picked considering their academic and professional qualifications. This makes JebFull.com create a wonderful experience for its valued customers right from applying till loan/product disbursal. So if you are thinking about your dream home, those long awaiting vacations with-held due to funds, to flash that prestigious Credit Card or a suitable insurance, you are at the right door!

Why choose us?

Jebfull is focused on using technology to build presence-less and paperless solutions in the financial services aggregation space. Riding on the Indian Government’s stimulus for Fintech sector and major initiatives/reforms that aims to digitize customer identification and verification we are developing solutions where processes are completed on our platform without the need for customers to either visit banks or do multiple sheets of paperwork.

A Wide Range of Products- Jebfull.com is one of the only online financial marketplace that offers a complete spectrum of financial products, ranging from retail lending products such as Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Home Loans, Loan Against Property, Auto Loans, Insurances etc.JebFull.com partners with over 25 banks and other financial institutions, catering to all segments with varied demographics and requirements.

Not just about loans and investments At JebFull.com, we help you not just in securing a loan but also in making an informed decision through our tools and dedicated RM tagged to each customer.We have a plethora of online tools and calculators that help you in identifying your loan eligibility, EMI amount and even savings possible when transferring a loan.Our online tools and calculators allow you to perform a thorough comparison pertaining to your specific requirements and chosen product.

Contact Us

In case you have any query or need any kind of assistance, please call us on 9004033188 or email us at [email protected] We would be delighted to answer any questions that you may have.